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My Google Site is a demonstration blog using the Xidipity WordPress theme. The goal is to provide a working example of Xidipity features and as an active blog to provide relevant news and “fun facts” from the Google ecosystem.


what’s different


customization of the header


My Google Site uses a header image and a logo instead of the site title and description.


Header Logo

The header logo is a transparent 360×100 pixel image. The image is centered by default but may also be placed left or right by editing the “sys-hdr-align” variable in the “blog-var.css” file.


Header Image

The header is a gray gradient 1165×100 pixel image. The goal is to demonstrate how an image can be layered behind the header logo.



The following variables were changed.

  • system header – left (sys-hdr-align)
  • system footer – left (sys-ft-align)
  • menu toolbar background color – deep purple 050 (mnu-bg-color)


smart slider 3


Much of the bling of this site is accomplished by using Smart Slider 3. This is a very robust plugin which allows for the inclusion of a variety of sliders styles and animations.


list blogs


The Xidimity theme includes a template for displaying blog post summaries.


Design Notes

The overall design includes four components.


  1. Static front page
  2. Blog summary page
  3. Blog post
  4. Blog page


Static front page

The front page is comprised on a dynamic Smart Slider 3 carousel at the top of the page which links to the six most recent blog posts categorized as “lab” or “newsroom” sorted by post date. The bottom of the page displays with the help of of the list blogs template a summary of the four most recent posts with the featured image placed centered. This page is completely dynamic and will update as blog posts are created!


Standard Theme Components

Other than the Smart Slider 3 plugin, all other items are standard theme components.



My Google Site uses the following plugins.