Chrome OS Keyboard Shortcuts

When it comes to productivity there is nothing like a keyboard shortcut to get things done quickly. The challenge is committing them to memory as the gains in efficiency are instantly lost if you have to stop and look them up. I find learning keyboard basics are mandatory such as “Backspace” to delete the character to the left and “Alt + Backspace” to delete the current character.


My observation has been most folks coming to Chrome OS from either Microsoft or Apple immediately notice there are a few keys missing. My assumption is when Google designed the Chromebook they had to balance the number of keys to the available space. The end result is some keys (i.e. PgDn) are missing and the result may have created more keyboard shortcuts but the functionality (Alt + Down Arrow) survived. The following are the shortcuts I use and are familiar with. I ranked each shortcut on a “probability of use” scale of rare (R), seldom (S), occasionally (O), and frequently (F). There is no real benefit memorizing something you seldom use so the items I judged as rare are not in the following tables.


# Task Shortcut Rank
Chrome OS
1 Close the current tab Ctrl + W F
2 Close the current window Ctrl + Shift + W S
3 Dock a window on the left Alt + [   
4 Dock a window on the right Alt + ]   
5 Jump to the next open tab Ctrl + Tab F
6 Jump to the previous open tab Ctrl + Shift + Tab F
7 Open a file in the browser Ctrl + O S
8 Open a new window Ctrl + N S
9 Open the status area Alt + Shift + S S
10 Reopen the last tab you’ve closed Ctrl + Shift + T O
11 See your notifications Alt + Shift + N S
Google Docs & Sheets
12 Bold text Ctrl + B F
13 Copy the selected item Ctrl + C F
14 Cut the selected item Ctrl + X F
15 Find Ctrl + F F
16 Find & Replace Ctrl + H F
17 Find again Ctrl + G F
18 Hide the menus (compact mode) Ctrl + Shift + F   
19 Italicize text Ctrl + I F
20 Keyboard help Ctrl + / S
36 Page Down Alt + Dn Arrow F
37 Page Up Alt + Up Arrow F
21 Paste the selected item Ctrl + V F
22 Paste without formatting Ctrl + Shift + V F
23 Print Ctrl + P F
24 Select all Ctrl + A F
25 Underline text Ctrl + U O
26 Undo an action Ctrl + Z F
Google Docs
27 Bulleted list Ctrl + Shift + 8 F
28 Decrease paragraph indentation Ctrl + [ F
29 Extend selection one line Shift + Up/down arrow O
30 Extend selection one word Ctrl + Shift + Left/right arrow F
31 Extend selection to beginning of the paragraph Ctrl + Shift + Up arrow O
32 Extend selection to the end of the paragraph Ctrl + Shift + Down arrow O
33 Increase paragraph indentation Ctrl + ] F
34 Insert page break Ctrl + Enter O
35 Numbered list Ctrl + Shift + 7 F
39 Select character Shift + Left/right arrow F
Google Sheets
40 Center align Ctrl + Shift + E F
41 Fill down Ctrl + D F
42 Fill range Ctrl + Enter   
43 Fill right Ctrl + R O
44 Move left to next filled cell or 1st cell Ctrl + Left arrow F
45 Move right to next filled cell or last cell Ctrl + right arrow F
46 Right align Ctrl + Shift + R F
47 Select column Ctrl + Space O
48 Select row Shift + Space F


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